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The unique mineral profile and osmotic properties of hyperthermal therapeutic mud from the Euganean Thermal area of Italy have been used for thousands of years as a natural, traditional therapy for rheumatological and other inflammatory conditions. Hyperthermal Salso-Bromo-Iodic water from deep geothermal wells has a unique mineral signature obtained over decades of circulation in rock strata up to 4 kilometers deep and at temperatures up to 170 °C. The application of mineral-rich, hot mud poultices stimulates blood flow and tissues, helping to promote regeneration and ease discomfort, whereas cold application can help acute soft tissue injury, bruising and swelling. There are extensive data showing the benefits of therapeutic mud pack, mud baths and thermal baths in conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis of the hand and fibromyalgia.

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THERMALIS HYPERTHERMAL SALSO-BROMO-IODIC THERAPEUTIC BIOMUD (BIOFANGO) – Thermalis has optimised the characteristics of traditional Hyperthermal Therapeutic Mud to ensure a consistent, effective and quality-controlled formulation that is simple and easy to use. Thermalis Hyperthermal Biomud is a unique formulation composed of selected lamellar clays and Hyperthermal Water from the protected Euganean Thermal Basin in Italy enriched with an extract of a traditional naturally occurring algae. 

USES: Hyperthermal Biomud can be used as either a hot or cold poultice. Traditionally hot poultices are used as adjunctive therapy for rheumatological and other inflammatory conditions, osteoarthritis and other painful musculoskeletal disorders. Cold poultices (cryotherapy) are used for acute soft tissue injury, joint, muscle or tendon problems, or bruising and swelling. When using the product hot a heating pad can also be applied in order to maintain a constant temperature. The product can also be used together with Thermalis Thalasso–Thermal Salts (referring to the relevant instructions). 

PREPARING FOR HOT USE – Hot Water Method: Boil some water and pour it into a heat-proof bowl. Carefully place the foil bag into the hot water so that it is completely covered. Leave until the pack reaches about 40 °C (a little below “hand hot”) replacing the hot water if needed. Alternatively heat the foil pack to 40 °C in a “bain-marie” (i.e. one bowl of water within another) so as to avoid close contact of the foil bag with the heat source. Microwave Method: Unscrew the cap on the foil bag, pour the desired amount of product into a ceramic bowl and heat in the microwave for a short time until the pack reaches about 40 °C (a little below “hand hot”). To avoid scalding do not exceed 40 °C. Do not microwave the foil bag. 

PREPARING FOR COLD USE – Place the foil bag in a refrigerator until the mud reaches a temperature of approximately 5-10 °C. 

APPLICATION – Once the product is ready (either hot or cold) apply the mud directly onto the area to be treated using enough to form a layer about 1 cm thick and avoiding contact with metal objects. Cover with kitchen film (cling film) or a cloth to retain the heat. Leave for about 40 minutes and then rinse off. Apply once-daily for five days and then every other day for another for another five applications (10 applications in total). 


Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight and with the cap in place. Keep out of reach of children.For external use only. Do not use on damaged skin or open wounds. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with the eyes or mouth. In the event of contact rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Suspend use in the event of irritation. The product is made with natural mineral ingredients, and istherefore not recommended for those who are allergic to Nickel. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage to the user caused by improper and / or different use from that indicated in this leaflet. The expiry date refers to the product when it is stored correctly. Do not use after the expiry date. Once opened, keep in the fridge and use within 10 days. Preservative free. Dermatologically tested. Does not contain colouring, preservatives, petrolatum, silicon or mineral oils. 

CONTENTS: resealable 400 ml / 500 g bag. 

SEE PRODUCT SPECIFIC INGREDIENTS: Aqua*, Solum Fullonum, Kaolin, Bentonite, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Dunaliella salina micro-algae extract. * Hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water of Abano in Euganean Thermal Basin, Italy.



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