We use recycled packaging materials wherever possible. Our standard cardboard boxes and packing paper are made from recycled materials and jiffy bag paper material is from FSC responsible sources. We may re-use plastic packing materials such as air pillows and bubble wrap from goods we receive from our suppliers as long as they are clean and in suitable condition rather than sending these directly to recycling or waste.

Liquid or gel products that are not already in a double-sealed pack may be packed in an additional plastic bag in order to contain leakages in the event that such products are damaged in transit.

Sachet display packs (i.e. boxes of 25 sachets) are supplied in APET boxes and these can be re-filled with sachets and re-used. They are manufactured with 30-40% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Sachet products are manufactured using mixed plastic and are difficult to recycle. Check local recycling advice.

Snowdrop 100 ml spray and Snowdrop 50 ml roll-on are packaged using HDPE bottles which can be widely recycled.

Snowdrop 1000 ml, Hotspot 1000 ml and Hotspot 200 ml are packaged using Polypropylene – check local recycling advice.